This is a take home kit.  You will receive a 10″ tin with holes already drilled into the bottom for drainage.    (2 of the tins are plain on the side — no flowers on them.)   DIRT NOT INCLUDED.   A few artificial greens/flower.  There will be a little twig bench, a butterfly on a stick.  You will also get a baggie with some flat marbles for stepping stones, 2 shells, a little square mirror to use as a pond and some blue tiny stones to sprinkle over your dirt.  

Things to paint:  a birdhouse on a stick, a little see-saw, and a little sign.    Let me know when you order if you need some paint.  You only need tiny bits.   

April 10 @ 10:00

10:00 am

– 11:30 am

(1h 30′)

Spritz and Splatter

Carol Burkarth