Everyone attending must wear a mask – I will be wearing one too.   Come into our studio and learn a new and fun way to paint.  This one absolutely can be done by everyone – and guys love to do this!   You will be creating an abstract painting on a rectangular 10×20 canvas.

$40 per canvas.  If 2 people want to work together on 1 canvas together, just purchase 1 ticket – but send an email after you buy your ticket letting us know so we can leave 2 places at the table.

Canvases will not be dry that evening.  We suggest leaving the canvas for 24 hours.  If you have to take yours home, you must bring your own box to transport it.  We will not be responsible if the paint slides / slips.


July 9 @ 6:30

6:30 pm

– 7:40 pm

(1h 10′)

Spritz and Splatter